Mariana  RIvera
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 Personal Information 
Name: : Mariana  RIvera
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Birth Birth of date: : 21 / 7 / 1986   (DD/MM/YYYY)
Nationality: : Colombia
Marital Status: : Single
E mail: :
BA Primary and secundary studies: Columbus School— Medellín/Colombia Promoción 2004 Universidad de los Andes- Bogota Colombia Political science/Law
 Work experience
 Computer skills
Microsoft Access, Microsoft ExceL, Windows, Microsoft Office XP, Internet tools for search and information managemnt, Internet Explorer, Netscape.
 Work skills
Hard worker with high learning capacity, good leader helpful and active. Special capacity of investigation and willingness to learn and experience new cultures and environments.
Gustavo Duncan, university profesor, Universidad de los Andes +5713394949 Gladis Aristizabal de Orejuela, International consultant +5712583463
 Other Information
Special interest in international relationships, comparative analysis of foreign situations and history. Active reader with special interest in politics, conflict and history.