Dean  Coombes
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 Personal Information 
Name: : Dean  Coombes
instant pa
Birth Birth of date: : 16 / 11 / 1990   (DD/MM/YYYY)
Nationality: : United Kingdom
Gender: : Male
Marital Status: : Single
E mail: :
Well my education life all i can say is. I go to Ruffwood High School At the present time of this My grades and levals are as followed: English ~ 5B Maths ~ 5C Science ~ 5A Food Tech = B Design Art = C
 Work experience
Well currently i am only age 14 but looking for a job, I really hope this could be the correct job for me i have never had a practice interview this cv was made from me not from the school personnaly i dont think the school are going to help me with it so i thought id have a go.
 Computer skills
My Computer Skills are by far good I have coded a couple of sides and a couple of shockwave clients and flash games I know some HTML, CSS, XHTML , And Inserting pictures using a url
 Work skills
I currently have none and i look to hope i am ;)
None. Sorry I have never worked for a place so i wont know anyone
 Other Information
Well i do enjoy playing football with my mates and other stuff i enjoy helping the commuinty out and do whats right for it I enjoy playing Playstation 3 And talking to friends. And also i own a clan on playstation 3 Coded and designed by myself